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Necta Krea

There are many options to choose from depending on what you require.

• Free no obligation consultation
• Customised Vending Solutions
• New Vending Machine Sales
• Reconditioned Vending Machine Sales
• Low Cost Vending Machine Rentals (giving you the opportunity to make some money)
• Lease of new machines with an option to buy
• Fully Managed Service
• Delivery Service
• Machine Installation
• Maintenance Contracts

Impressive Vending

New Machine Sales

To enhance your corporate image and impress your clients and colleagues we have an excellent variety of attractive state of the art vending machines to choose from.

Brand new vending machines can be purchased outright, leased over a 3 or 5 year period or if you prefer you could purchase your machine over a 12 month period via our Easi-Pay Scheme. Please contact us for details.

Reconditioned Vending Machines

Reconditioned vending machines are the less expensive option. They are fully refurbished, repaired, sanitized and tested to ensure they are in full working order. A three month parts and labour warranty is given on any purchase of a reconditioned vending machine as standard.

Reconditioned vending machines can look just as impressive as new ones so don't worry if your budget won't stretch to brand new vending machines, reconditioned ones look just as good and provide you with an easy way to make money for yourself.

Necta Starfood

Buying Or Renting Only

You may wish to make a profit yourself from your vending machines. If you choose to buy or rent vending machines and wish to manage them yourselves, we will train you in sanitization, replenishing and price setting etc. You will then have the freedom to set your own prices and to make a profit from the sale of your goods. Vending ingredients can be purchased from us and delivered to your door.

Fully Managed Service

Whether your company is a trade counter with a busy footfall, or has 20 to 2000 staff we have the perfect vending solution to suit your needs. All you need to do is enjoy having the convenience of vending facilities close at hand. If you are outside of our catchment area, we have a network of colleagues in the vending business who provide this type of service, so we still may be able to arrange this for you.

Maintenance Contracts

These are available to everyone, whether or not you have bought your machines from us. If you have vending machines and need a reliable maintenance service contact us. We have a variety of contracts on offer, from a basic pay as you go service to a full maintenance service contract including replacement parts and labour etc.

Other Vending Options

• Filtered Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
• Bean to Cup Drinks Dispensers
• Table Top Hot Drinks Dispensers

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